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Things I love to see and experience

Documenta Kassel Berlin Design Week Milan Basel Art Week
Vennice Bienale Shanghai Dubai Museums



Things I do:

Design presentation Guest lecturer Trade mission
Creative Industries UAE
Concept development
Development Art, Design & Fashion
concept store, started in 2013
Curating Partners for International Business
(PIB) 2015-2018
Project management
Dubai Design Week
Robotic Painting DCI
Machining Emotion
startup platform for new talent art & design fairs

Barnwood BV | Furniture Design Studio
Advice and Support management in branding and strategy
Support Creative Director | Network

GDS Glintmeijer | Interior Design Studio, Dubai
Support management in new branding and strategy

FG stijl | Interior Design Studio
Interim Project Management | Financial Management | Business Development
Helicopter view between the offices Amsterdam – Dubai
Set up of new efficient workflows and processes between management and the design team.

Partners for International Business – Dutch Creative Industry
Coordinator of the cluster Dutch Creative Industry.
A partnership between Dutch Government and companies working in the Dutch Creative Industry, from architecture to Art to Design.
To increase the feasibility of the Dutch Creative Industry in UAE and Libanon and to build bridges between the creative industry of the Netherlands, UAE and Libanon.

Identity by Fragrance | Handmade natural custom made scented candles and roomsprays
Head of Ideation
Collaboration with a scent composer to enhanced the experience of scent and senses

Cube Design Museum Heerlen Kerkrade
Everything you want to know about toilets, but where afraid to ask
Advisor | Part of the scout team
Showroom Limburg
An exhibition with focus on Designers and Design from Limburg
Advisor | Part of scout team

A crossover event between re-use and all creative disciplines
Guestcurator | Co-writing long term vision document
Juliette Wermenbol | Tim Scheffers | Marie van Vollenhoven | Erol Oztan | Ratna Ho & Studio Mulder
CityLiv Heerlen

Design Connection in collaboration with Withuishof Maastricht
Works by:
Paulette in t Veld | Chaim van Luit | Hans van Bentem | Marie van Vollenhoven | Adalbert Gans | Maurice Mentjens | Dirk Vander Kooij

A presentation of Dutch Designers in Beirut
Tejo Remy & Rene Veenhuizen | Handmade Industrials | Ratna Ho & Studio Mulder | Bora Hong

A presentation of Dutch Designers in Dubai
Richard Hutten | Hans van Bentem | Studio Rolf Bruggink | Ellen Urselmann | Joy van Erven |Mischa van der Wekke | Stephan Siepermann | Studio Lachaert & d’Hanis

Design Week Dubai 2016
#EMO Experience installation
Where sound, imagery and scent will bring you to a new experience
Teun Verbeek | Juliette Wermenbol | Maja Kozel

logo grey HR
Judy Straten art – design
Creative Hub